Smile on Facebook’s Face

Mark Zuckerberg, the ‘face of Facebook’, must indeed be smiling these days. Not only does the company which he co-founded in 2004 continue to expand it’s clientele, but the value of Facebook and his personal wealth, and therefore his – …

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Angels Soar – Flying High on the Money Trail

Victoria’s not-so-Secret Angels are flying higher than the catwalk these days, with many of the current and former models having a considerable net worth now stretching into the hundreds of millions of dollars, as perhaps befits those owning bodies which …

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Study to be a Billionaire

The title is not strictly accurate of course, but if you have ambitions to become a billionaire, you should seriously consider where to study. Authoritative sources state that although there are now well over 1500 billionaires in the world, almost …

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